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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inside Steve Jobs. His High Level Principals

I feel that this article needs writing. I've known it for a long while, but I think its important to point out what I feel that he thinks. Steve's actions do indeed follow rules and principals. Understanding of this may predict his overall actions.

Steve thinks that many people must be ruled in order to thrive.

Steve thinks that those people wish to have a leader who will cut the taller plants so the sun will reach them.

Steve thinks that no plant should be allowed to grow taller than the shortest, and in that way give light to all.

Steve thinks that people would rather be provided a guiding light, regardless of the fuel, than light a candle themselves.

Steve thinks people need an enemy to feel a sense of purpose.

Steve thinks its easy to lead people who have a sense of purpose.

Steve thinks that the sense of purpose is more important than the truth.

Many of these principals are correct in some sense, although I hold no judgement to the morality of them.

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