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I presented Sparse Voxel Octrees at Siggraph 2008.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I love portable electronics, but I hate batteries with a passion. My iPhone, I end up having to charge every 3 days or so, and for the last day and a half I'm always thinking, "I don't want to use the phone because I don't want to lose my battery if I really need to call somebody". Has there really been significant progress in batteries over the last 10 years? Seems like the best people can do is be more power efficient and use larger batteries. Its 2010... I'm supposed to have jetpacks by now, but I'll settle for a battery that lasts 2 weeks. I only hope that carbon nano-tubes will save me from my battery hell.


  1. I guess I never gave it a great deal of thought. Seems we do a lot more with the batteries we have now, but maybe that is yet again just efficiency and not improvements to batteries. The face an iPhone lasts so long but has a 600MHz (iirc) CPU actually seems amazing.

    Of course, I'm sure batteries are a killer market in terms of revenue, maybe longer lasting batteries don't get much research because it would make that sector less profitable, rather then more?

  2. Unsure, but those are definitely some interesting thoughts.