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Thursday, December 10, 2009


There is a rumor floating around that the PS4 GPU will be a PowerVR chip. While this is possible, especially if intel buys nVidia, I have to ask if Imagination has the experience to do something like this? If this is true, this could either be the best play since the dreamcast or could completely back-fire and hurt Sony significantly. I'd give them a coin toss of a chance for that of success or failure. Is it something I'd bet the company (Sony) on? uhm, no. Its way too risky. So....

heres my take on what Sony may be planning. A PS2 like model with a dummy, lightning fast, high bandwidth rasterizer and maybe 128 SPU cores to feed it. Sony may think it is a good idea to get back to basics with the PS4. Is this a good idea?

I think that this goes against the grain here. Each console generation, games have been getting easier and easier to make over time, not harder and harder. ... This can be dangerous ..., I hope they know what they are doing.

On the plus side, PowerVR does solve Ahmdal's Law better than ATI or nVidia. If it can scale well to a dual GTX 295 level of performance, then perhaps things are all well and good. Thats a pretty big if though. I'd still say that they would be treading dangerous waters even if that does work out.

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