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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Go Language

Go is the worst name for a programming language.

Try googling "Go".

Try googling "Go Language".

Also, while I do agree that a garbage collecting language is a great idea. Even if you dedicate an entire processor to nothing but garbage collection it can still be overwhelmed. By doing thousands of concurrent go routines all allocating 1 byte in a loop and then discarding over and over again breaks that idea. One processor cannot keep up with that. You would need roughly an equivalent number of processors doing garbage collection as you do doing processing. That is also assuming a perfectly efficient garbage collector.

They would probably say to this "don't do that" and sure its a worst case scenario, however it shows that you can be sacrificing lots of performance to these garbage collecting processors. Thats possibly 50% or more regardless of the total number of processors in the system.

Ok, so all gripes aside... I think its pretty nice and I'm glad somebody is continuing research into new languages to solve parallelism problems. I installed it and currently am playing with it a bit, I'll know more soon.

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